Peer Review Process

Firstly, the submitted manuscripts are checked by editorial office to make sure they fit within our aims and scopes and meet items listed in the authors' guideline. After this screening process, peer review step is started through a double-blind procedure by assigning at least two peer reviewers to each manuscript. The peer review step will last up to 3-4 months after verifying the screened manuscript. If the submission does not fit within our scope or priorities, it will be rejected on desk.


Peer review/responsibility of reviewers

• The reviewers only agree to review manuscripts for which they have expertise required to carry out a proper assessment. They are required to assess the manuscript in a timely manner if agree to review.

• In reviewing a manuscript, they should respect to the confidentiality of process and the rights of those who submitted the article.

• The reviewers will not use any information obtained during the peer-review process for their own or any other person’s or organization’s advantage or to disadvantage or discredit others.

• The reviewers should not have any conflict of interest and will declare all potential conflicting interests.

• They will not be influenced by the nationality, religious, political beliefs, gender or other characteristics of the authors, or by commercial considerations.

• The reviewers will be fair, objective and constructive in their reviews, refraining from being hostile or inflammatory and from making libelous or derogatory personal comments.

• They will provide journals with personal and professional information that is accurate and a true representation of their expertise.