Effect of hydrolyzed collagen intake on pain relief and mobility in patients with osteoarthrosis

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1 Department of Medical Clinic, Central Military Hospital, Asuncion, Paraguay.

2 Department of Biotechnology, Multidisciplinary Center for Technological Research, National University of Asuncion, San Lorenzo, Paraguay.


Background and objective: Osteoarthritis is a disease in which the joints are damaged and the patients experience pain and reduced mobility. However, supplementation with hydrolyzed collagen may be effective in reducing the symptoms. Therefore, we studied the impact of hydrolyzed collagen consumption on pain and mobility in patients with osteoarthritis attended the Military Hospital of Paraguay in 2018. In addition, nutritional status of the patients was evaluated for better comparison.
Materials and methods: Intragroup clinical trial was done in 40 patients with osteoarthritis. Nutritional status (by BMI), pain (by the Visual Analogue Scale), and mobility (by the Tinetti Scale) were evaluated in the patients before and after 90-days supplementation (400 mg hydrolyzed collagen by intake of three capsules per day). Physical function was also evaluated by the WOMAC scale. All the patients filled the consent form and the bioethical principles of the Declaration of Helsinki were taken into account. Chi-square and student’s tests were used for data analysis at p ≤0.05.
Results and conclusion: Average age of the population was 63 ±1.6 years and 67% of the patients were female. Nutritional status was included to 55% overweight, 17.5% obesity I, and 7.5% obesity II. With regard to pain intensity, 95% of the patients had slight pain and the remained 5% had moderate pain after intervention, so that significant difference was observed before and after supplementation (p<0.016). Moreover, a significant improvement was observed in functional capacity (p<0.001) and risk of fall decreased after intervention (p<0.001). We conclude that hydrolyzed collagen supplementation is a beneficial adjunct treatment in pain relief and mobility improvement in patients with osteoarthritis.


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